Who Are We?

Despite what you see and hear, we are not all a bunch of mean thugs and are actually really nice guys. In fact, we are toughest amongst each other. The LA paparazzi have been a collective of mostly veteran paps that hold an average of 7-15 years of full time work snatching up money shots, breaking news stories and the big scoops that you read and hear about.


To most, we are "stalkers," pesky photographers that bother celebrities. In reality, we are a working class of an uncommon and unique member of the press, who are photojournalist capturing the news that consumers demand. Some of us are freelance and some of us are salaried staff with legitimate media agencies. We all have families and bills and take our work as seriously as the next person trying to make a living. We maintain a very symbiotic relationship with the celebrities and they understand the industry dynamic. 


However, the world additionally now runs its own "citizen paparazzi," which is everyday people like yourselves doubling as reporters and photographers, selling your own cellphone photos and stories to the magazines and television outlets for cash money. This has maximized the celebrity exposure. Show business is part show, and all business in this town, and just about everyone is in on it somehow.


We Invite You To Visit Us...

This city thrives highly on its tourism. Several years ago, when a few charter buses turned into more double decker-buses, which doubled and tripled into more tour buses, to which then became a frenzy of every kind of bus, buzzing all around town with tourists coming literally by the bus loads, the idea seemed right that there needed to be a Paparazzi Celebrity Tours. Today, we are a full blown tourist service provider of entertainment. You won't be in a stuffy bus. You will ride comfortably in a regular car that decoys the work of the paparazzi guide as to be less obvious as tourists along your private celebrity tour. Come see for yourself what the paparazzi experience is about.