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Popular Scenic Places

We know there is tons to appreciate in the city, so we like to hit up a few places that are popular for all you sightseeing fans. Places you'll want to take selfies and brag about, like Rodeo Drive, big television studios, maybe a film set, and a whole lot of other options we like to impress you with. We know your time here is limited and we try to help pack in some of that for you, since we know where you want to be and where you don't want to waste your time. We are the travel fun experts here in Tinsletown and are very knowledgeable of what's happening and how to get the most of your vacation.


Most everyone wants to see celebrities when they come to L.A., after all it is the show business capitol of the world. That is why you come to us, we know the most about them and how to find them, so we do our best to bring them to you. Your tour will include a variety of celeb worthy adventures, which is what you want. You will get to see where they frequent as well as places nobody knows about. We also have tons of untold stories that only those like us would know. We will also show you a few homes and scout out a few potential spots where they may be found. And, more than likely, you'll run into one or more along your tour. You will get to see how the paparazzi work, first hand, up front and behind the scenes with LIVE  action fun.