The tour itself is two hours (depending on what is happening at the time of the tour) since there are many factors like LA traffic or celebrities we are taking a little extra time for. In addition to the tour, there is a 30 minute pre-boarding time. This is to get everyone in place and prepared for the tour. Should anyone cause delays, the time held up in wait time gets deducted from the actual tour time, so make sure to BE ON TIME. Any late time that exceeds the 30 minute pre-boarding time allotment will forfeit the tour without any refunds. We run a tight schedule and have a strong policy on time management. If for example, your tour time is set for 9am, your arrival time will be 8:30am for the pre-boarding time allotment and the driver will leave at 9am prompt. If any member of the party under reservation is not present, the tour starts with those who are present. If none of the parties are there at the 9am start time, then the tour is forfeited without refund. Also, keep in mind this is a tour not a taxi service. We don't make extra stops to specific requests unless it was noted on your reservation. Our guides have a route and keep to the planned agenda. All of our driver paparazzi guides are legally licensed and insured and keep your safety in mind as priority.

How Long Is The Tour?

What Do We Need To Bring?


We are not like most of those open air buses which you are going to burn in the California sun. However, it is optional for your own needs to bring a sunscreen if we get out of the car for a few minutes since the sun here is strong. We drive with windows open to your liking or with option of air conditioning. If you want to bring food to munch on or snacks that is ok, as well as any drinks as long as they have lid tight containers. Of course, feel free to bring your cameras and video cameras if you want to capture aspects of your adventure.

Will There Be Any Breaks?

Yes. There will be breaks as often as needed. Restroom breaks are the most common, in which we pull over to a local public restroom for your convenience. As well as the short breaks when we arrive to points of interest like sightseeing spots. There may also be times when we see a celebrity and get out of the car, which is always a good time to stretch.

Will We See Celebrities?

Most likely you will see a celebrity, however, we cannot guarantee the outcome. As Real Paparazzi we will get you closer to the chances of spotting a celebrity than any tour in all of Hollywood and Los Angeles because we specialize in finding celebrities. We are not here to just do a show-and-tell of homes. Celebrities go out of their way to not be seen in public, so when in public, we go out of our way to find them. And we have all the insider information and experience, unlike the others. With that being said, as you come across a celebrity, depending on who and what, you may get a chance to take photos and pose with them, or they may not be in that kind of mood. If this is the case, we act and behave with respect and observe from a distance. They are people just like us, and they want to live somewhat normal lives and get things done that we all do, like grocery shop or maybe a relaxing mani-pedi, so it is a case by case scenario. Leave the paparazzi work to the professional you're traveling with as your tour guide. They will be able to assist in what is appropriate and what is not. You will have disclaimer agreement to sign before the tour which informs you of things not to do like, tresspass to get a photo, jump out of a moving vehicle to get an autograph, things of that nature.