Real People Feedback

"It was such a thrilling moment when I got to see Gwen Stefani and her family at Buddah's Belly restaurant, we had got a call and then made it in time...worth every penny!!"

                                                                     -Mark C.- Boise, Idaho


"The guide was able to see and hear what others can't, so we were able to be the first to witness candid moments in Hollywood. We got to catch a glimpse of Khloe Kardashian getting into a chauffeured car which was the highlight of our tour"

                                                      -Angel N.- Manhatten, New York


"We took our family on vacation and wanted something different to do and this was perfect. We got to see all the fun things we wanted and still had time do other things on our list for the day but this was the most memorable."           -Stacey H- Dayton, Ohio



"My niece and I had a fabulous experience being able to see Shania Twain behind the scenes. I could have never experienced that anywhere else! Even got to pose with her and get a photo."

                                                            -Roxanne S.- Tampa, Florida


"I loved that we had a personal tour and were not part of a large group. We saw all the other people on the buses in passing and they looked bored. We saw more than we expected and would recommend Paparazzi Celebriy Tours to any traveler as a must do"

                                                     -Brianna & Shawn- Dallas, Texas

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